An East Tennessee couple on their honeymoon in Europe lived through attacks in London and Paris.

Asa and Angela Bonner were married on May 26 and set off on their honeymoon on June 1.

They first stopped in London to see the sights there. Terror struck the London Bridge and the Borough Market on the newlyweds' last night in the city.

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The Bonner's then moved on to Paris. Tuesday, the couple said they got a late start to see more of the city. They stopped to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Once inside, Asa said confusion started to set in when he heard a commotion.

"We started hearing some people like panicking about something, and then realized that they weren't letting us out," he said.

The couple sat inside the cathedral wondering what was happening because officers would not let them go outside.

"We didn't know if it was something going on inside or outside, and then they had us all sit down," Angela said.

Angela kept her friends and family updated with Facebook posts and eventually saw online what was happening outside the doors of the cathedral before officers inside gave any information.

Police say a man with a hammer attacked an officer. The officer's partner then shot the attacker, and the suspect was then taken to the hospital.

The French Interior Minister said the attacker was an Algerian student, according to a card found on him. French police are still validating the authenticity of the card.

Once Angela and Asa knew what happened outside the cathedral, they said they were thankful they were kept safe inside.

"At first I was like I want to be out on the street," she said. "I feel like I want to run away, but that was the last thing that we needed, and they knew that."

The couple is safe, and thankful they have each other after facing some scary situations in their first few days of marriage.

"During the moment, I just said if something crazy happens, do not let go of my hand," Angela said. "We're going together."

The couple still has some time left in Europe and will be moving on to Italy before returning home to East Tennessee.

They agree they have had a wonderful time on their honeymoon and will likely return to Europe in the future as they continue to make a lifetime of memories together.

"Had a lot of fun, but these things are making it memorable I guess," Asa said.