Looking to stay in Sweetwater for the eclipse? Well, it might be too late. Monroe County tourism officials say 658 rooms are already booked.

At the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research Director Bill Fox believes this is a big indicator that business is coming to Monroe County.

"Particularly on a Sunday night into Monday which might otherwise be a pretty slow day. This could provide some additional income some impact they might otherwise not have anticipated,” said Fox.

Fox says it's not just restaurants, hotels and businesses that will see an uptick.

"Individuals who are able to rent out spaces or a place on a farm that otherwise aren't doing anything tourist wise,” explained Fox.

On AirBnB you can see the demand in real time. There's only a handful of rooms left and several of the offerings are just parking spaces. If something is available, it doesn't come cheap. Some people are charging upwards of $1,000 for the big show.

But, the solar eclipse tourism and economic impact estimates come with a caveat.
Since the event is so rare, no one really knows how much money will be made.

"This is a onetime event, it's going to create money for people one time but then life will go back the way it was a few days later,” said Fox.

Nashville is the largest U.S. city entirely in the path of the total eclipse.
The city's tourism board says visitors who stay overnight could spend up to a total of $15 to $20 million.