Electric bikes are becoming more popular and cities, including Knoxville, are working to figure out how to regulate the new technology.

Local bike shops have noticed an increase in interest in electric bikes over the years.

“It opens a whole new venue. People get on these bikes and say why did I ever quit riding bikes?” Fares Shlank, the Owner of West Bicycles in Farragut, said.

Shlank runs West Bicycles in Farragut and he's a big advocate for E-bikes. They assist the rider with an electric motor and some can help you reach up to 28 miles per hour.

Fares said the technology allows people of almost any age to ride and it’s allowed him to ride with his kids.

Some people who are just retired and want to go out and play with their RV’s and take something with them to enjoy themselves,” Shlank said.

He even keeps up with people in their early 20s and doesn't feel the pain afterwards.

"Last time I did a 30 mile ride I went home and cut the grass. I had energy left, so it's great!” Shlank said.

This technology is still waiting for the law to catch up.

Knoxville City officials say electric bikes are not yet explicitly addressed by existing city code, but the state already has some laws in place.

If you're under 14, you aren't allowed to operate a class 3 electric bike, which is an E-bike with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. You have to wear a helmet on an E-Bike no matter how old you are.

Now, unlike a lot of cities, you are allowed to ride a bike on the sidewalks in Knoxville.

If you want to ride your electric bike on the sidewalk, you can, you just have to make sure the electric assist is turned off.

We talked to city officials who say technically, you aren't allowed to ride on any greenways in Knoxville, but city officials aren't aware of any citations given out for this.

The rules are evolving with the technology and they are working on updating the greenway restrictions.