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Emily Ann Roberts talks first album, moving to Nashville and dating an Alabama fan

Her voice brings a slow, southern melody while her life runs at a fast-paced tempo.

Her voice brings a slow, southern melody while her life runs at a fast-paced tempo.

Since her success on season nine of NBC’s “The Voice,” Knoxville native Emily Ann Roberts is constantly on the go.

“I've been supper busy, it's so much fun, but definitely a huge change to what I was used to before all this happened,” Roberts said.

The bubbly blonde is typically packing up her guitar and hitting the road.

"I’m in Nashville usually the first four days of the week then home the rest of the week," Roberts said. "I’ve been there quite a bit. It’s crazy, is my home Nashville or Knoxville?

For the 18-year-old, a move to the country music city is inevitable.

"The more that I’m writing and working and getting into studio, I’ll need to be there a lot more," Roberts said. "It makes so sad because Knoxville is my place I can't imagine being anywhere but here, but that's where I need to be to live out my dream."

There's no release date yet for her record, as Roberts is spending her time perfecting each song.

"I’ve been working really hard on it,” Roberts said. “It's taken longer than I expected it to, but you only get to put out your first record once, and so I want to make sure that its perfect, and exactly who I am and it represents me, and I say everything I need to say.”

When she’s not writing or in the studio, Roberts is out performing, everywhere from honkytonk to the Carolinas.

"It's been really cool the places I’ve gotten to go, been able to sing at places I’ve never before in my life,” Roberts said.

In the middle of it all, Roberts still balances her relationship.

"He's in college so it's kind of crazy we are doing half long distance, half not," Roberts said. "It's a crazy schedule, but he is awesome so laid back and supports me."

As a Vols fan, Roberts puts up with her sweetheart cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

"He is an Alabama fan, I thought 'Well, nobody's perfect. I’ll put up with it!'” Roberts said.

He helps her relax in the wild rhythm of country stardom.

"Me and boyfriend love on beautiful days to go to Haw Ridge (Park) in Oak Ridge and walk around and hike," Roberts said. "We just love being outdoors and going fishing."

No matter where this journey takes her, Roberts will always take time for the city close to her heart.

"Because Knoxville’s been so great to me, everyone here has supported me and let me play before anyone knew who I was," Roberts said. "It’s still important to me to go back and pay that back to them.”

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