Six cattle that escaped a slaughter house in north St. Louis Thursday are now under the care of The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary which has a location in Knoxville. 

A spokesman for the sanctuary said all six animals are now under their care after escaping slaughter, and evading handlers and law enforcement for hours.

Ellie Laks, the founder of the Gentle Barn, said they were notified the cattle escaped, were captured and were taken back to the slaughter house. 

Laks said the slaughter house was willing to hold the cattle for a certain period of time but after that, they would be slaughtered. 

A man named Adam Brewer set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to rescue the cattle. 

On the page it read: "the purpose of this fundraiser is to hopefully provide sanctuary for ALL six of these brave and desperate animals."

As time was running out, Laks' husband Jay was able to take a red eye flight to St. Louis Monday night to rescue the cattle.

He got there just in time as they were due to be slaughtered Monday morning. 

"It will be a long journey with them but we are committed that they are not only safe and happy and know that they are loved," Laks said. 

The cattle are now in a safe holding area as the Gentle Barn works to figure out what's next for the brave animals. 

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