With fall temperatures comes certain bugs and pests that try to make their way into homes.

Paul Osborne owns All Creatures Wildlife Services and said rodents are typically the kinds of critters that pose a problem this season.

"The main thing is mice or rats and then squirrels will also try to get in as well," he said. "We've even had moments where raccoons have gotten into people's homes too."

But Osborne said this kind of thing is normal and there are always ways people can work to keep pests out of their way.

"You want to look for any holes or cracks that something can squeeze in to," Osborne said. "These kinds of animals are opportunists and will take advantage if they find somewhere to be."

He said looking for any damaged wood, crawl spaces or outside vents can also help. But rodents aren't the only kind of critter people tend to ward off when it gets cold.

Michael Denham is one of the business owners with ClearDefense Pest Control. He said there are a few insects that can also be a bit of a problem.

"What you're gonna notice is an increased activity of spiders, especially on the outside," he said. "There's also the Asian Lady Beetle and ants."

Denham said it can sometimes be a good idea to spray repellent around your windows and make sure the entry points of your home are secure.

"The best way to keep pests out is to have a sanitary house because you don't want to give any insects or pests a food source in the middle of your house," he said.

Both experts agree fall is one of most popular times of year for this kind of issue, but it isn't typically something most families can keep at bay.

"You just want to keep the pests out but if they do get in, you want to keep the place clean so there's nothing for them to do," Denham said.