(WBIR) - SPRING CITY) An electrical fire overnight at TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in southeast Tennessee triggered an alert, but the fire is out with no outside impact.

According to a TVA spokesperson, a pump fire caught fire in the "hot well" area of unit 2 around 3:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, in the power generation section of the plant, not in the nuclear area.

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It took about 29 minutes from the time the fire was discovered until it was extinguished by the Watts Bar Fire Brigade. The pump was in a part of the plant that is hard to access, and that's why it took so long to put out.

Because the fire burned longer than 15 minutes, a Notice of Unusual Event (NUE) was declared. The NUE triggered an alert to TEMA and other agencies.

The NUE was lifted at 5:08 a.m.

Unit 2 is fueled but is non-operational. The hot well is where the steam from power generation ends up after being condensed back into water. There are several pumps in that area, so the fire in only one would not necessarily have shut down the reactor if it had been operational.

Unit 1 is operational, but has it's own separate hot well system and was not affected.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The only damage was to the motor itself, and no other systems appeared to be affected.

Watts Bar is located in Spring City, Tennessee.