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12-year-old starts sewing business, raises money for space camp

Paris Harris may be in middle school, but she's jumpstarting her dreams of being an aerospace engineer one stitch at a time.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A 12-year-old entrepreneur in Knoxville is proving you're never too young to chase your dreams. Paris Harris turned her sewing hobby into a successful business.

The impressive pre-teen is reaching for the stars, one stitch at a time.

"It just takes a lot of work," Harris said. "But it's cool when you see the outcome."

This middle school entrepreneur started her own business called "Out of Pockets."

"They are pillows that have a pocket and the handle, so you can put your book or any kind of just miscellaneous things when you're traveling or going to the park or anything like that," Harris said.

She learned how to sew in 2020, through a summer program at the community space The Bottom on Magnolia Avenue. The camp is called "Sew it, Sell it," and during the multi-week course, the young people who attend learn how to sew, create their own business name, craft a logo and empower others to reach their goals.

K.C. Colemon, Harris' mom, wanted to send her to the camp to teach her value, not only in crafting but also in money. Harris wanted to grow her business to raise money to go to space camp.

Harris loves space. It's evidenced in her room. Every inch is filled with stars, planets, the moon, astronauts and even a sign about black holes.

The multi-talented pre-teen uses both sides of her brain. She also plays bass guitar and is on a competitive robotics team. The busy business owner wants to one day become an aerospace engineer.

"If I pursue engineering, I would like to go to MIT," Harris said.

Colemon believes her daughter's sewing business is a good jump start to her dreams.

"It's the responsibility that comes with a business," Colemon said. "It's the value of the dollar, and then the luxury and freedom of, 'You can buy what you want because you got your own money to do it.'"

Colemon is already impressed with all her daughter has been able to do at a young age.

"Honestly, she makes me look great, because I just do what I need to do, and she just follows suit," Colemon said.

Harris proves it's never too early to go get your goals.

"You're never too young or too old to start anywhere," Colemon siad. "If you have a dream, you have a talent, you have a skill, just start, just do what you want to do."

Whatever path Harris is led down, she is being cheered on every step of the way.

"Whether she goes into the route of being a space engineer, or if she is staying as a creative, I just want her to be happy. I truly, truly do," Colemon said.

The pillows are popular, but Harris is focused on what every seam means for her dreams.

"If you have the idea, just try to do it, like as soon as possible, because I didn't really think that a lot of people were gonna buy it, and we sold out in less than five minutes on market day, so just do it. I promise you," Harris said.

Her business may be out of this world, but it's the stars in her eyes skyrocketing her into the future.

If you would like to get in contact about ordering a pillow, you can do so on Facebook on the page Out of Pockets Pillows, Instagram @Outofpockets_ or by email at Outofpockets1@gmail.com.


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