Knoxville is becoming a pizza destination.

If you’re craving a pizza pie, there is a new pizzeria in Downtown Knoxville. It’s called A Dopo Sourdough Pizza.

“A dopo- well the phrase in Italian means, ‘See you later,’” explains owner Brian Strutz. “If two Italians were going to see each other later that night they’d say, ‘Ciao and A dopo.’”

Brian was destined to create pizza.

“I say it was written in the cards a long time ago, but when I was 16, I worked in a wood-fired oven in West Knoxville making pizza. And, I jokingly say 16 years later I opened a pizzeria in 2016 on 16 Williams street in Downtown Knoxville.”

Brian has cooked all over the world, and much of what you see at A Dopo was inspired by travels to Italy with his wife.

“After we got married, we bought a one way ticket to Italy and lived out of our backpacks. I got to cook in a couple of wood ovens, so a lot of what you see here is a reflection of how our experiences went.”

Adopo serves up sourdough pizza.

“It’s not San Francisco style in the sense that most people know it. It just means that the pizzas are naturally leavened. So, we take flour and water and ferment it and it creates its own starter, sour dough yeast.”

And, each pie is cooked in a six-thousand pound oven.

“This oven cooks at a very high temperature, over 900 degrees. The pizzas cook very quickly, sometimes under 80 seconds. It’s just a fast, intense, blistered pizza that we love.”

Not only is the pizza homemade, but so is the mozzarella

“Our mozzarella never gets refrigerated. It’s chewy, very soft and it sort of melts on the pizza which we love.”

Adopo even serves up homemade gelato and has quite a selection of Italian wine.

“We think that just because it’s pizza it doesn’t have to be informal. It can actually be nice. You can take your time- enjoy appetizer, dessert, pizza and maybe even a bottle of wine.”

Adopo Sourdough Pizza is dinner only.

Brian recommends using the “No Wait” app where you can get in line using your phone.

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