KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Zack Roskop and his company Knox Brew Tours, usually give brewery tours, but lately, he’s been delivering tacos and giving impromptu front lawn concerts amid coronavirus social restrictions.

“So, [Tuesday] we’re partnering with Last Days of Autumn Brewing. They’ve traditionally done a Taco Tuesday, which has always been a big hit for them, and I wanted it to continue to be a hit for them. They have a need for their food to get to the people who want it, and we have insured vehicles and licensed drivers,” Roskop said.

He also set up a schedule for the rest of the week that includes food deliveries from Balter Beerworks and Blackhorse Pub and Brewery.

Turning into a food delivery service isn’t the only way the business on wheels has adapted over the past several days.

Roskop has started hosting digital brewery tours and tastings with viewers drinking along with beers they picked up curbside from the featured breweries.

“The part that’s been the most fun, honestly, has been interacting with a large group of people. We normally keep our tours very small, but via Facebook Live we had over 50 people. We were able to answer all their questions and interact with them and dive into some of deeper details because of it,” Roskop said.

Over the weekend, the beer bus pulled into Knoxville neighborhoods for ‘Pop Up Front Lawn Concerts.’

“Every single time that we’ve pulled up to a house and played music for them, it was like Christmas morning. People were outside waiting for us to show up. We texted them when we were on our way and there was just joy. We saw a father dance with his daughter in the driveway. We saw people singing along. It was really special to have that human connection, especially during this time when everything’s going digital,” Roskop said.

While it’s impossible to say what things will look like next week or even a few days from now, Roskop and his staff are keeping a good attitude.

“We’re taking it day by day. We’re trying to stay positive and find needs in the community and meet them. We’re trying to love on each other and love on our neighbors and to come up with creative and unique ways to continue to make a difference and be your backstage pass to local beer," he said.

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