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Homemade yogurt

Jes Thomas shows us how to make your own yogurt at home using only a handful of ingredients.

Homemade Yogurt
Prepared by Jes Thomas (@jessoulfood)


4 Cups of whole milk
2 T yogurt with active cultures


Pour the milk into a medium sized saucepan.  Heat the milk until it reaches 185 degrees, not quite to boiling. 

Take it off the heat, cover and let it sit about 30 minutes.  Check the temperature to see if it has reached 110 degrees.  If not, check again every 5 minutes.  

When it comes down to the right temperature, add 2 T of yogurt.

Cover the pot and leave in an UNHEATED oven.  4 hours later, turn the oven on for 1 and half minutes.  Then turn it off.  We are trying to keep the yogurt at about a temperature of 110 degrees.

Check on the yogurt again 4 hours later.  You should notice the whey separated greenish watery substance) You can either pour this off or mix it in. 

Stir the yogurt and taste.  If you like it, transfer to plastic or glass containers to store in the fridge.  If you like it more sour, let it 12- 14 hours total. 

Once refrigerated, this will keep for about 2 weeks.  Make sure you set aside 2 T for the next time you want to make fresh homemade yogurt.

Serve with chopped fruit, nuts and seeds for a healthy snack/breakfast. Or use in raita, tzaziki or a great dip for chips!