KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Select Knoxville Area Transit buses will start carrying books as part of a new program to promote summer reading for kids and adults.

Buses on the most frequented city routes will have shelves stocked with books that operate similar to a "little free library" where readers can take a book or leave one of their own for someone else to enjoy. 

Each book contains a bookmark that shows what bus routes go to each library. 

In addition to encouraging children to read, Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs hopes this gives more adults access to books. 

"My favorite thing about the program is that it's just so innovative. It gives people the opportunity to get books and read in places we normally wouldn't think of like on a bus and public transit. It just goes to show that everyone in our community is making a concerted effort to promote literacy. I think it's wonderful," Jacobs said. 

Volunteers with Friends of the Knox County Public Library will help to keep the shelves stocked. If you're interested in donating a book to the program, you can drop them off at the Knoxville Station Transit Center or in one of the boxes onboard the buses.