KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — At AR Workshop, the stools are empty, but Amy Thomas is still busy. 

The retired school teacher owns the Knoxville business that hosts crafting classes. 

"Our business is based on people registering for workshops and coming in and crafting. Right now, the registrations are not coming in, " Thomas said.

She had to get creative in light of the CDC's growing restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Luckily, creativity is her specialty. 

" With everything that's going on right now, we've had to adapt," Thomas said.  "So, we have come up with some DIY-to-go projects to help you stay crafty and to give you something lighthearted to do at home that's relaxing." 

Now, instead of hosting workshops, she's selling the 'DIY -To-Go bags filled with all the supplies and instructions families need to craft at home. Thomas said she and other similar business owners got together to come up with the idea. 

"[Wednesday,] we had our first pick up day. It was fantastic to see moms coming in, smiling and picking up a bag, just happy to see that we're here and happy to have an activity to do at home," Thomas said.

Customers pick up their 'DIY-To-Go' bags at AR Workshop.

The bags are one way she's fighting to stay open during a time when many businesses are forced to close their doors. 

"Really, it's the only thing we can do to continue to fight and stay open and be there for all the crafters who come in for us," Thomas said. 

She said small business owners need your support now more than ever before. 

"You don’t always have to buy something, but you can share to get the word out to help others find us, to know that this exists," Thomas said. 

You can find the DIY-To-Go bags on AR Workshop's website where you can also sign up for a pick-up time and date. 

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