KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — From dance parties in the street, bananas in the windows and chalk drawings on the sidewalks, East Tennesseans are making the most of their time at home.

In South Knoxville’s Island Home subdivision, neighbors posted bananas of all shapes, sizes and materials in their windows, so children could try to count as many as they could.

“Someone designated our theme to be ‘bananas’ because the time we’re living in right now is really bananas. So, I think at last count there are 88 bananas or representations of bananas on display in our neighborhood,” said Joanna Pennoyer.

Pennoyer said they’re changing up the scavenger hunt themes each day.

Monday’s theme was balloons.

In North Knoxville, neighbors danced in the street Sunday afternoon -- at a safe distance, of course.

“I think all of us are getting more and more creative. More ideas are coming to mind. I’m optimistic that we’ll continue to evolve on how we can be socially distant and yet connected and not isolated,” said Old North Knoxville resident Jessica Bocangel.

The neighborhoods in North Knoxville are hosting scavenger hunts of their own. Neighbors posted Easter eggs in their windows so children could hunt for eggs while they walk around the area.

“It's been a great reminder of how great our neighborhood and community is, how willing people are to lift each other up even though there's a lot of fears and unknowns right now,” said Fourth & Gill resident Sarah Johnson.

Bocangel said they’re already thinking of other fun ways to connect while practicing social distancing.

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