Oak Ridge Playhouse has hit a major milestone-- 75 years of local entertainment.

It started as "The Little Theater of Oak Ridge" in 1943.

The group worked in different buildings around town, and they never had a space of their own.

In 1957, the group-- now adopting the name, Oak Ridge Playhouse-- bought an old movie theater and converted it to a live theater.

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That's where they still are today.

"Since that time, the playhouse has done over 500 productions," said Managing Artistic Director, Reggie Law. "About 5 years ago, we did a major renovation to our production space—about a half-million dollar renovation."

Oak Ridge Playhouse hosts plays, musicals, dramas and more.

The amount of work varies from show to show and rehearsals last 6 to 8 weeks.

The crew puts in hundreds of hours of manpower building sets, creating costumes and more.

The 75th season is celebrating some of the past shows that have been very popular.

Those shows include The Odd Couple, Mame, Radio Hour and more.

"It's been beautiful to watch the playhouse grow and expand," added Law.

The next show is a comedy titled "Lend me a Tenor".

It kicks off September 1st.

You can find more information here.