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Selfie studio asks visitors to pose for post-worthy pictures

Selfish Knoxville is in downtown Knoxville, and aims to become a spot people can come and snap smiles for any occasion.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Selfish, downtown Knoxville's newest selfie studio, is bringing a new meaning to 'picture-perfect.'

It's a space where people can snap tons of new and fun pictures to post, just by hopping between the different settings, murals and props.

In the studio on Jackson Avenue in the Old City, snapping smiles and selfies are celebrated.

"Selfish Knoxville is an immersive sensory experience in the heart of downtown," said Nicole Threadgill, the studio manager. "So we have a handful of backdrops and then interactive booths that you can create content with."

With rooms, props and ring lights to hold your phone, the options are endless. You can create still photos, videos, boomerangs and TikToks in a large or small group.

The studio has Bluetooth remotes you can connect with your phone to be able to snap pictures without setting a timer or having someone else snap the picture.

The photos you take in the space are all yours.

"Not only are you getting an experience, but then you have a souvenir of your experience, and you've got all the things to show what you did that day," Threadgill said.

Selfish Knoxville opened on October 1. Similar spaces can be found in big cities, like Nashville and Los Angeles. 

Selfish wants to become an add-on item to your time downtown or the spot for birthday or company parties.

"There's already a whole lot of great things you can do in Knoxville. We have ax throwing, painting with a twist, escape rooms and different things like that," Threadgill said. "This is just another option and team building, something you haven't already done. Get a whole group of people together that maybe aren't comfortable coming here on their own and seeing what they can create."

It's not just a place for teenagers and influencers to add to their Instagram feeds, though.

"A lot of team-building opportunities that you can do for your work or for your small group, church, your sorority, fraternity, what have you," Threadgill said.

Whether you're social media savvy or not, the goal has always been to celebrate the person in front of the lens while also adding to the creativity of Knoxville.

"We get an opportunity to influence the arts and culture and how it evolves," Threadgill said.

Threadgill has some tips to maximize your experience at Selfish, to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Bring a couple of different outfits and then have a couple of different ways you want your hair to look. There is a bathroom and clothing rack at the studio.
  • Glasses and ring lights create a ring-shaped glare, so leave those off in pictures if you can.
  • Come with a phone or camera fully charged.
  • Bring some ideas for what you may want to do. If you need help, someone will always be there to help spark your creativity.
  • Come with an open attitude and realize that you could stumble upon something really cool that you didn't know you could create.

If you would like to use the space, general admission is Thursday through Sunday.

You can book it for private events on other days.

Admission is $25 for adults and $12.50 for kids under 12 years old.