Larry and Jeanne Nelson are running their new business like clockwork.
Smoky Mountain Time is dedicated to handmade timepieces. 
"People walk in and they take a deep breath," said Larry Nelson, co-owner. "Obviously this is something that they've never seen before."
The shop is located on Buckhorn Road, in the Arts & Crafts district of Gatlinburg.
Each clock is unique. 
"My wife is very detailed," added Nelson. "She does the little detail work for me."
Larry takes care of the woodwork.
Each piece is made of wood from local sawmills and lumberyards. 
"The coolest thing about a clock is what you never see-- the inside," said Nelson. "We've turned it inside out, so you can watch it move, and we can make it beautiful for you."
Larry and Jeanne moved to Gatlinburg to open their business a few months ago.
After years in the automotive and education industries, this venture came at the perfect time. 
In their shop, the Nelsons have 'Through My Eyes Photography' prints on display. 
To learn more, you can email the photographer, Todd Roy. His email address is