CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is offering virtual visits while they're closed due to Coronavirus concerns. 

While you can't physically visit the exhibits, the aquarium has several live webcams that let you watch the otters splashing around, penguins playing on the rocks or sharks swimming in the water. 

Some virtual visitors are even making a game out of the webcams by counting the number times a shark swims by the camera. 

One animal that might not make for the best webcam entertainment, but that holds a special place in the hearts of many of the aquarium's scientists is the turtle. 

Conservationists at the aquarium are working to save several endangered turtle populations.  They recently opened a new exhibit called 'Turtles of the World' that allows visitors to see first-hand the work they're doing in the turtle nursery. 

"This area is to show that we, along with our partners, do a lot of work in trying to breed these turtles and help out some critically endangered species," said Herpetologist Mackenzie Strickland.  "My dream for them (visitors) to not only just enjoy the baby turtles... but also realize that these guys really are in trouble and there are things we can do to help them out." 

To help the turtles from your own backyard, Strickland suggests leaving a section of your yard overgrown. 

"This allows for the turtles that actually live in your area to hide out, escape predators, and just have their own space. It is a really important thing for you and I to do," Strickland said, adding that you also shouldn't take in any turtles you find as pets. 

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