KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Inside on old car repair shop in North Knoxville, you'll find Mighty Mud.

Artists and makers can find ceramic supplies here and rent studio space, but it offers more than that.

Ellie Kotsianas is one artist who rents space at Mighty Mud. She also teaches some of the Friday night classes that are open to anyone looking for a great way to spend an evening, no experience required.

"What's so great about them [Friday night classes] is the fact that anybody can do this. The vast majority of people who come in here have never touched clay before. I think that 'experiences' are really big now. People love coming in and trying things out for themselves," Kotsianas said, adding that it doesn't hurt that participants get to bring their own wine to drink while they use the ceramics wheel. 

Kotsianas sees everything from girls night outs to first dates and anniversaries. One of the most popular classes is the 'Wine and Wheel Workshop' on the fourth Friday of each month. Guests learn to throw a pair of cups they get to keep. 

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"At the end of the day, everyone comes home with something. For my classes, I make sure they come home with two wine cups, and I make sure those wine cups are usable, no matter how long that takes," Kotsianas said. 

Don't expect to simply walk through the door on a Friday afternoon and grab a wheel, the classes often fill up more than a month in advance. Kotsianas said the experience is well worth planning ahead.

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