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When is the best time to take down the Christmas decorations?

Some choose to box up the Christmas decorations as soon as the holiday is over, while others wait weeks longer.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — It's a great debate and it's one that won't soon be solved anytime soon: when do you take your Christmas decorations down?

Some people get the decorations boxed up the day after Christmas, while others still have theirs up weeks into January.

When it comes to the exact date people choose to undecorate, there are plenty of things to consider: convenience, tradition and superstition.

On social media, people chimed in with all sorts of opinions. Some said they take decorations down the day after Christmas, the week after New Year's Day, the first full week of January and some even said February.

The second month of the year isn't too far off when it comes to English traditions of taking down the decorations. But, some think it's bad luck to leave Christmas decorations up after the first of the year. Experts beg to differ.

According to English Heritage, a historic preservation organization in England, people should wait until February 2, also known as Candlemas, to take everything down.

Candlemas falls 40 days after Christmas and was observed as the official end of Christmas in Medieval England.

Some Christians believe the Christmas decorations should stay up until January 6, which is the twelfth night after Boxing Day. It's also called 'Epiphany.'

Keeping up the tree and decorations all year to get a head start on the 2022 holiday season isn't out of the question either. 

Some people even choose to decorate their Christmas trees to reflect the different seasons and holidays of the year.

Overall, people should just do what brings them the most joy!

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