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Zoo Knoxville shows off "The Wild Life" in new free video series

The episodes show behind the scenes of different animals and exhibits at the zoo. It focuses on conservation in a fun and interesting way!

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — If you want to take a walk on the wild side, Zoo Knoxville is showing behind the scenes of their exhibits through a new educational video series.

It's called "The Wild Life" and each free episode promotes conservation in a fun and interesting way!

It started about a year ago. Since then, the zoo has released six episodes showing the ins and outs of life at the zoo. There are episodes about giraffes, chimpanzees, tortoises and the new ARC exhibit to name a few.

"We all know the animals are the star, but it really shows us the zookeepers being the heroes of really getting that conservation out there and how they take care of the animals every day," Brad Carpenter, the host of the show, said. "It's a really cool behind the scenes window into the everyday lives."

This isn't a show on Animal Planet or National Geographic, but it's that same type of quality.

"It really provides some local pride for our zoo and gives people the opportunity to see what we're doing here," Phil Colclough, director of animal care, conservation and education at Zoo Knoxville, said.

It's a special opportunity to admire the beauty locally.

"It's just great to let people know how lucky we are to have Zoo Knoxville in our backyard, and how they're leading the way and conservation in so many different species," Carpenter said.

Everything from feeding watermelon to Big Al and watching a crocodile jump out of the water in the new ARC building is a visual way to show that care at work.

"Opening up and being transparent and letting our guests whether that be physically here at the zoo, or through this program, come in to see kind of behind the scenes of what we're doing to provide that animal care is really exciting for us," Colclough said. "We want to be transparent, we want to be real, and frankly, a lot of the exciting stuff happens behind the scenes."

Viewers and guests get to weigh in online on what questions they want asked about certain areas and animals. The zoo says people wait for new content to be posted with excitement.

The episodes are posted online at watchthewildlife.com on Zoo Knoxville's Facebook and Amazon Prime Video.

With each video, you become even more of an animal expert. The next episode will be about red pandas!

You can submit your questions on Zoo Knoxville's Facebook page.