Five new faces are joining the Knoxville City Council after the November general election.

Districts one, two, three, four and six will have new representation on the council after more than 10,000 people cast their ballots.

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Stephanie Welch, Andrew Roberto, Seema Perez, Lauren Rider and Gwen McKenzie won election to the Knoxville City Council.


District One
Stephanie Welch- 7387 votes, 73.33%
Rebecca Parr- 2686 votes, 26.67%

District Two
Andrew Roberto- 6141 votes, 59.10%
Wayne Christensen- 4250 votes, 40.90%

District Three
Seema Singh Perez- 6105 votes, 57.73%
James Corcoran- 4470 votes, 42.27%

District Four
Lauren Rider- 5289 votes, 49.39%
Harry Tindell- 3405 votes, 31.80%
Amelia Parker (Certified Write-In)- 2015 votes, 18.82%

District Six
Gwen McKenzie- 6121 votes, 57.96%
Jennifer Montgomery- 4440 votes, 42.04%

District three is the only district in which the primary winner did not win the general election. James Corcoran received more votes than Seema Singh Perez in the August primary election.

These newly elected council members will join Mark Campen, George C. Wallace, Marshall Stair and Finbarr Saunders. The council will now be made up of five men and four women.

Knox County Administrator of Elections Clifford Rodgers said more than 88,000 registered voters were eligible to vote in this election. While the numbers were strong for a non-mayoral city election, only 11,735 people cast a ballot.