UPDATE, Tuesday, Feb. 13: Claiborne County residents are no longer stranded behind floodwaters, as the water overflow from the Powell River receded Tuesday afternoon.

Part of Riverside Road in Harrogate was cut off by floodwaters throughout the weekend. Claiborne County officials believe about seven families had no other way to drive out.

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"The road's pretty rough, but it's passable," Mary Lou Profitt, a resident on Riverside Road, said late Tuesday afternoon.

Profitt said she and her husband hadn't left their property since Saturday. She said she didn't have flood damage to her home and didn't feel trapped because she had enough food and internet and phone service.

"We talked to several families up there and most everybody alluded to the fact that they lived there long enough and they know this happens, so they were well prepared for it," Claiborne County Emergency Management Director David Breeding said. He added that emergency teams had could have accessed the families via an old cattle road to the area, if necessary.

Breeding said it will still take days for the water throughout the county to return to normal level, especially with more rain in the forecast this week. He said cleanup will take some time as well.

PREVIOUS STORY, Monday, Feb. 12: Claiborne County officials ended a state of emergency for the county Monday afternoon, after a weekend of heavy rain and floodwaters prompted them to do so.

The state of emergency was declared 10:30 p.m. Saturday and ended 3 p.m. Monday. Claiborne County schools were closed Monday due to the flooding the area.

Officials said about two dozen roads were closed Saturday night, and now about half of those are back open. They believe some of those roads will stay closed, as it may take days for floodwaters to recede, especially on Riverside Road near the Cave Springs Road Bridge.

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The Powell River has overflown Riverside Road. Claiborne County Emergency Management Director David Breeding said he believes several families are trapped in their homes on Riverside Road behind the floodwaters.

"We're just trying to see, to make that we see to their needs, and hopefully if they need out for some reason, we'll try to figure out a plan," Breeding said.

Breeding said it's not a good idea to go to the area as officials don't know how safe the bridge is. He also added to never drive through standing water, as you do not know how deep it is or what's underneath it.

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Breeding said roads throughout the county are affected. Down the Powell River in Harrogate, water has risen to 26 feet in a riverbank and is reaching homes. In neighborhoods near Lincoln Memorial University, streets have flooded basements.

"It's a little crazy," said Harrogate resident Marita Cooper, who spent most of the day pumping water out of her basement. "It's a little nerve-wracking, but it's ok."

Monday has remained mostly dry, but officials are bracing for potentially more rain throughout the rest of the week. Officials ask for people to stay safe, and if drivers see standing water to not drive through it.