Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries gives away vehicles to victims who lost their cars to the Sevier County wildfires .

Those looking for a vehicle need to have a driver's license and have liability type insurance, according to the SMARM Fire Victims Car Donation Facebook page.

"Some people didn't receive assistance, especially with some people living in hotels," Michael Reifsnider, a partner with SMARM, said.

"They need that transportation."

Reifsnider is working alongside SMARM to make this possible. Those who make car donations can receive a tax deduction.

The process to receive a vehicle is to have proof of car loss in the fires whether through picture or sharing their story through an interview process. SMARM is looking for more car donations as demand increases.

"A lot of people lost their car and are in need," Reifsnider said.

Reifsnider mentioned he will begin a waitlist for those who call into SMARM. He expects 30-50 people to call in the next week.

If you're a victim of the wildfires and lost your vehicle, you can call SMARM at 865-908-3153 or check out their Facebook page for more information.