Friends BBQ helped give back to the community Sunday afternoon by cooking up food for those who are less fortunate.

A group of people were out on Broadway and Depot in Knoxville with tents and grills set up. They gave out hotdogs, chicken wings, chips and much more for anyone in need of a holiday meal.

Friends BBQ says that they want to give a traditional cookout to those who don't have the opportunity to have that this Memorial Day weekend.

"A friend of mine said he decided he wants to do better for people," Brian Dickey, the co-owner of Friends BBQ, said. "He wanted to come out and let everybody eat like we do. Like, if you want to go home and cook on the grill tomorrow, you can go do that. Some people can't do that."

Friends BBQ says it hopes to set up more pop-up barbecues throughout the city during the rest of the summer.