Most people and pets prefer being inside where it's warm these days, but there are some animals at Zoo Knoxville who actually love it when it gets this cold!

Animals like red pandas, black bears, some of the cranes, and red wolves are all native to areas with chilly weather, so they stay outside and enjoy it.

There is one animal that seems to revel in the cold weather more than all the rest!

"If I had to say one animal really enjoyed it, I'd say the otters do. They seem much more active in it. When we have snow you'll see them sliding and playing around," says Phil Colclough, Director of Animal Care.

Even with ice floating on top of their pool, the otters are swimming, diving, and playing in the water.

The zoo doesn't make any special preparations for the cold weather, but they always leave the den doors open, so the animals can choose if they want be inside in a heated area or out.

There was a little extra work for zoo staff on Tuesday when the fountain froze outside the Tiger Forest area. The water that usually pours from a tiger statue's mouth was frozen! Workers were trying to thaw the ice with a blow torch.