The hospital is not where you would expect a marriage proposal. For one Tennessee couple, it ended up being perfect.

On the eve of their first anniversary, Jamacio Kimble was going to pop the question to his girlfriend Kayla King.

"The original plan was that night at church we were going to have our youth and college career class get together and have roses and music and the lights off, and I would be in the middle of the room,” Kimble explained.

On the way to pick up flowers for the occasion, the night took an awful turn. After leaving baseball practice, Kimble headed to Trinity Baptist in Seymour to ask King to marry him.

"There's two curves right before the straight away. One curve I made it, then the second I was getting ready to turn and felt my back wheel sliding," Kimble said.

The roads were slick after Wednesday’s storms.

Jamacio's car after the crash. Courtesy Jamacio Kimble
Jamacio's car after the crash. Courtesy Jamacio Kimble

"I over-corrected and was going down an embankment and staring eyeball to eyeball with a barbwire fence," Kimble said.

He ended up with a utility pole crashing through his window. Several of his baseball teammates were driving behind him and called for help.

"I was hoping maybe it’s not that bad, but seeing it in that moment was awful,” King said. She said she was about to head out the door to the church when she got the call her boyfriend had got into a crash.

Thankfully, Kimble walked away with just scrapes and bruises. In the emergency room, he decided he was still going to make the perfect night happen.

"If you look at the car, the pole was in my front seat and passenger seat, and I could have died on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me," Kimble said. "I was like 'I could have died not asking that, so while I have breath, I’m going to ask that.'"

Surrounded by coaches, teachers, family and friends, he took a knee in the Sweetwater hospital.

“He said tonight was going to go a little different , and I knew... but I could do nothing but break down in tears,” King said.

It's not your typical proposal story, but it's their story.

"She said yes that's all that matters,” said Kimble.

The couple is planning to finish college first before tying the knot.