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Ghost hunter says Knoxville train station is haunted

The station held dozens of dead bodies after a tragic wreck in 1904.

The Historic Southern Railway Station in Knoxville's Old City harbors a tragic past. In 1904, a train wreck in New Market killed 56 people and their bodies were transported to Knoxville.

"This situation turned into something a little different than anyone expected," said spirit hunter J. Adam Smith. "It turned into a makeshift morgue."

Smith takes groups through the station investigating the railway cars for paranormal activity. He says his groups have seen convincing signs of spirits.

"No matter how much of a scientist you are, we can't seem to debunk the activity that we're getting," he said. "We're getting responses to questions, we're literally having lights turn on above us."

Smith says around Halloween, he sees less activity than he does during other parts of the year. However, he says the history of the station keeps him coming back with tour groups.

"If you have this dark history, is there a chance that you might have some haunting related to it?" he said. "The answer is yes."

Smith runs a tour group in Knoxville. He is the only local ghost hunter with access to the railway station.

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