GREENSBORO, NC -- Don't miss this, because a lot of people are complaining about an Apple software glitch…maybe even you!
Just look at this Twitter feed, it’s all about one topic. Apple users write, “Dear Apple, Why are all my i's questions marks inside a square? Please fix this” and “I can't deal with the question marks. Get it together Apple”.

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A lot of iPhone users are seeing this weird “A and a question mark in a box” anytime they type the letter "i". It's a glitch in the iOS 11 update.


There is a fix, Apple details how to make it happen and we take you through it do you can see where all the hit points are.

Go to SettingsGeneralKeyboardText Replacement. Tap the plus sign in the upper right. Then to finish it off: type an upper-case "I" in the Phrase box, and a lower-case "i" in the Shortcut one.

We tried it and it works!