Update: The principal of South Knoxville Elementary Schools says 112 tickets have been donated for their students as of Thursday, Nov. 2. The school is still accepting more tickets to allow even more students attend Saturday's game.

Do you have extra tickets to the game this weekend that you are not going to use? The kids at South Knoxville Elementary School would love to see their first game at Neyland.

You've probably seen the "#EmptyNeyland" trend flooding social media recently. People are encouraging others to boycott the Tennessee homecoming football game this weekend unless Coach Butch Jones is fired.

While many may not want to go to the game, the kids at South Knoxville Elementary would love to.

"I've never been to a Tennessee Football game," said Chase Sullivan, a second grader at the school. "If they got a Hail Mary like the last time when they faced Georgia, that would be unbelievable."

Ninety percent of the students at the school receive free or reduced lunch, and many cannot afford to go to the game.

The school is just across the river from the stadium, but most of the students have only seen the games on television.

"If you are watching on a regular TV, then it would be like you couldn't hear any of the sounds," said Zachary Hoseholder, a second grader at the school. "I like them if they're good or bad. Because if they're bad, that just means they need more practice."

Every Friday, everyone in the school wears orange and white in support of the Vols. Now they're hoping someone will donate tickets they are not going to use so they can see their first game in person.

"It means a lot to our kids to be able to attend a Tennessee football game where as otherwise they couldn't afford to go," said Principal Tanna Nicely. "Quite frankly our parents can't afford to buy the tickets so the chance to go and cheer on the Vols would mean the world to these kids."

If anyone has tickets they would like to donate to the students, Nicely said they can be dropped off at South Knoxville Elementary School, 801 Sevier Ave.