From the new gas tax bill to the question of marijuana legalization to his own political plans, Gov. Bill Haslam responded to a range of questions Thursday night from a WBIR panel as well as people watching on Facebook.

The former Knoxville mayor sat for a 30-minute session Thursday night in a unique digital-only presentation of "Inside Tennessee" that started at 7 p.m. Portions of his responses also will be broadcast later this month on WBIR's public affairs program.

Haslam said he was satisfied with recent passage of a gas tax bill designed to help address a backlog of needed roads and bridge work. It includes a reduction in some taxes, including the grocery tax

The governor said it's hard to predict far into the future what the public's road needs will be.

"I feel good about what we passed," he said.

Haslam made it clear he wasn't interested in legalizing marijuana. He said the state already has enough challenges dealing with drug abuse.

And when pressed about his political future, Haslam said he honestly wasn't sure. He wouldn't rule out national office, but he wasn't necessarily sure he'd pursue it.

"I'm not building my life around that," he said.

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Thursday's interview was streamed on and is available on WBIR's Facebook page.

The governor, who served two terms as Knoxville's mayor, is just concluding what many view as his most successful legislative session.

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Besides the IMPROVE Act for infrastructure, legislators also passed a bill that will help adults get a post-secondary education, part of Haslam's strategy to boost Tennesseans' job-training skills.