The second annual Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival filled Townsend with massive colorful balloons and a whole lot of hot air on Saturday.

The event also featured live music, beer and wine tasting, food and activities for children.

But no one at the festival had as much fun as one of those kids.

"I'm gonna tell everybody that I had the time of my life, and you didn't," Kingston native Brayden King said.

King took a ride in a hot air balloon, and it's impossible not to smile at his enthusiasm about the experience.

"I went up in a hot air balloon. If you're here you can see the mountains and people. They look like tiny, tiny ants," King said.

His rating of the day?

"Ten out of ten," King continued. "Oustanding...other than the thought of me passing out and going over the edge."

We're glad King had the time of his life!