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'I just want to go home' | Group sleeps outside gas station over weekend waiting for Greyhound bus

A large group of travelers said they were stranded on Cherry Street since Friday. On Monday at around 10 p.m. a bus finally arrived for them.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On Friday, Greyhound said Bus 1511 experienced an "unexpected cancellation." It was expected to arrive at the Marathon Gas Station bus stop on Cherry Street, but travelers said it never showed up.

"They would say it's going to be there soon, 'It's going to be there soon,'" said Emie Hinojosa, who has been sitting outside the gas station since Friday. "They said it was going to be there around 10:30, and it never showed up."

They said they were stranded there for days and were taken to a Red Roof Inn on the third night they spent waiting. But during those days, some storms passed through the Knoxville area. The group also said they couldn't charge their phones and at several points, people would approach them asking for money.

"Greyhound should have some kind of protocol that fell into place, and they didn't do it," said Dajuan Ward, a former bus driver from Ohio. "How would you feel if it was your mother out here?"

There was a similar incident in April when a bus never arrived and travelers were brought to a hotel to wait for a ride. Some of the people waiting at the gas station on Monday said they couldn't afford a hotel though, and had no choice but to wait where they were. Another group of travelers said they were stranded in July too.

"We've got people here that have got to go to jobs, get back to work," said Jason Chaney, one of the travelers. "Children here that are supposed to be back at school on Wednesday."

The travelers were finally picked up Monday at around 10 p.m. A spokesperson for Greyhound said the travelers were fed, given hotel rooms and rebooked for travel.

Their statement is available below.

"We are thankful for the patience of our passengers as schedule #1511 experienced a unexpected cancellation in Knoxville. Passengers were fed, provided hotel rooms and rebooked for travel." 

Greyhound said the schedule for a separate bus was also canceled last night. However, travelers were not stranded after that cancellation. They also said they are in talks with the city about the Cherry Street bus stop, but still have not come to an agreement.

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