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Group of Knoxville ministries feeds, clothes homeless

A group of Knoxville ministries came together Sunday morning to give out food and clothing to the homeless.

A group of Knoxville ministries came together to give out food and clothing to the homeless Sunday morning.

It's a monthly program organized by CareCuts of Knoxville and other ministries in the area.

One volunteer at the event was homeless only last year, but she said the program here has been something that's changed her life.

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"I weighed 85 pounds, was sleeping in a tent in the snow last January trying to recover from open heart surgery," Connie Killingsworth, a volunteer at Sunday's event, said. "I would have died before now. I couldn't make it. I was starving. But Care Cuts helped me get the knowledge I needed-- The direction."

Killingsworth mentions now she has a place to live and what she needs to survive. She recalled when times were harder and said CareCuts helped her feel human again.

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"Not every homeless person is homeless because of drugs or alcohol," Killingsworth said. "And there are homeless people out here who want out. And what they need is somebody to stick their hand out, so that you can reach out and grab and pull yourself up... We're human."

The group of volunteers was able to provide up to 450 hot meals to those out there Sunday. The program is monthly and started in January 2016. So far, it's helped more than 30 people get off the streets.

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