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Haley's mother takes the stand to testify against the girl's father

Rosemary Spicer testified against the man accused of brutally abusing her daughter Haley. Jurors got a graphic look at the little girl's injuries.

Rosemary Spicer testified against the man accused of abusing her daughter Haley. Jurors got a graphic look at the little girl's injuries.Tuesday was the second day of the Campbell County trial of Tommy Owens. He is charged with abusing and neglecting his then three-year-old daughter.Dr. Mary Campbell of East Tennessee Children's Hospital testified Tuesday about the extent of Haley Spicer's injuries as jurors looked at graphic pictures of them.She testified that Haley came to the hospital malnourished and hungry, with burns, cuts and bruises."In Haley's case, she had trauma inflicted to nearly every surface of her body. It's difficult to imagine you could do that in some method that would be accidental taken in total," said Dr. Campbell.Haley's mother, Rosemary Spicer, cried as prosecutors showed her pictures of her daughter's injuries. She testified that Haley did not have any of those injuries before her father got custody in December 2003. Spicer did not see Haley while Owens had custody because of a restraining order against her.The prosecution called a police officer and two Campbell County Sheriff's deputies, including the one who found Haley, called an ambulance and didn't leave her side."I felt like she didn't have anyone there for her. And I didn't want her to wake up and, I mean, I know she didn't know me from Adam, but, I don't know, I just kind of felt like I connected with her right from the start and wanted to stay with her," said Darrell Mongar, Campbell County Sheriff's deputy.Mongar is the one who took the pictures, documenting Haley's injuries and helping her start healing."One of the nurses just finally handed her to me, and she quit crying. So, the nurse said just carry her up to the recovery room and stay with her. And when we got up to the recovery room, I just sat there and held her throughout the recovery time," said Mongar.Now, more than a year later, Haley's mother says her daughter is a healthy, happy four-year-old girl.The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case Wednesday. The defense's case will follow.