HAMBLEN COUNTY — Hamblen County saw plenty of snowfall beginning early Sunday morning. The main roads were cleared by the early afternoon, but the back roads were still covered in a blanket of white.

On 25E, cars were moving slower, but some still slid off into the median and shoulder. Tow trucks and snow plows made their way through the community to help.

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The snowfall caused some churches to cancel services in Morristown. The pastor of First Baptist Church Morristown, Dean Haun, says the ice can't hinder their good spirits.

"I was thinking this is not going to be a great day to have church, but it's a great day to be alive and we thank the Lord for the reason for the season," Haun exclaimed.

For Pete Klose, no church service meant an opportunity to walk his dog, Wrigley, in the winter wonderland.

"Church was out, we go to First Methodist and since it was canceled we decided let's go on a walk," Klose explained.

While some dogs walked, others rode in a toasty car, enjoying the view.

Sarah Brown, a teacher at Morristown-West High School, was out jogging in the elements, unphased.

"I like running in rain and snow, it's free water," Brown said.

Brown noted she's training for a marathon and was going to run seven miles, snow or shine.