Anyone who's been through it knows that middle school can be tough.

At Harriman Middle School, a group of students took it upon themselves to make sure that everyone feels loved and included.

They started leaving positive notes, written in brightly-colored highlighter, around school hallways and in bathrooms.

"If you realize it or not, someone loves you," one note read.

harriman note 1_1534890145538.png.jpg
Photo: Harriman Middle School Facebook

"Never give up," was printed neatly across another, "Stay strong."

harriman note 2_1534890228300.png.jpg
Photo: Harriman Middle School Facebook

The group of students left between 50 and 100 encouraging notes.

At Harriman Middle, the school is broken up into four "Family Groups," or "Houses."

Nicole True, an 8th grade student at Harriman, is a member of the school's "House Council," the group that came up with the idea to leave the notes.

She said other students have told her the gesture really does make a difference.

"I think it makes all the difference in the world," True said. "Considering the fact that all of us have had someone come up to us and say 'that really affected us in a major way.'"

True continued to say she's received a lot of "thank-you's," and thinks the small act just makes everyone's day a little bit happier.

The school posted about the notes on Facebook and received many comments expressing praise and pride for the students.