On the third Thursday of the month, folks gather at the Historic Railway Station near downtown Knoxville for a food truck park hosted in part by Blue Slip Winery.

During the warmer months, folks come to the event k to taste different types of foods prepared by many different food trucks. They also come to enjoy great music, and to do some fun people watching.

"We have about 20 or so food trucks," Katie Galyon, of Blue Slip Winery, said. "It's got live music, beer and wine and there's plenty of seating for everybody."

The event is also pet and family-friendly. It's one of the many different food truck events going on in East Tennessee. Plans are already in the works for a permanent food truck park in North Knoxville's Happy Holler area.

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"The bigger cities like Atlanta kind of kicked it off and then they started moving towards Knoxville," Galyon said. "I think the permitting has become easier, the city is very easy to deal with so they can get their permits fairly quickly.

You won't find a shortage of great food to try at the food truck. There's BBQ, Asian, Fried Chicken, and donuts. There's also adult-friendly beverages like beers and wine for folks to purchase. Visitors can use cash or credit to make their purchases.

"It starts at 5 p.m. The food trucks start showing up at 2 p.m. but people start showing up at 3 and 4," Galyon said. "They bring their own lawn chairs and just wait for the fun to happen."

Nov. 16 will be the last Food Truck Park at the station for the season. Galyon expects things to start back up in the spring of 2018.

"It's kind of like the fair. Like going to the fair, you get to try all these foods and it's all in one parking lot so if you have a big group of people you don't have to go to one restaurant and hope that everybody likes it," Galyon said. "You can come down here and everybody can do their thing, go their different direction, come back and sit at the table and try a bunch of different things."

You can get updates on the Food Truck Park at Southern Railway by following them on Facebook: @KnoxFoodTrucks