GRAINGER COUNTY — On May 23, 2013, Jason Holt walked into the Down Home Pharmacy in Bean Station demanding drugs. After getting what he wanted, Holt shot four people, killing two. Five years later, one of the two survivors, Jan Clift, hopes her story might help others.

"We've got to do something. We can't sit by and let this happen to good people," said Clift.

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After battling depression and post traumatic stress disorder for over four years, Clift embarked on a mission to speak out for both drug-related shooting victims and the addicts that feel pushed to the point of murder.

"They don't have anybody to give them any encouragement and tell them we'll try we'll get this done...we can do it. I want to give them that hope," she said.

Clift began speaking around Grainger County to both victims and addicts. She says she forgave her shooter, and hopes others will seek to help addicts before they reach the same point. Clift has invitations to speak in Nashville and Knoxville, and is working to raise funds for her travels.

"I usually take my bloody shoes. The shoes I had on that day and the blood will never come out. I always say these are the shoes I walked in," Clift said.

Her sons Lucas and Nick say after seeing their mother suffer for so long, they are proud to see her recent accomplishments and impacts on the community.

"I guess the impact we've seen is when she gave her speech and I turned around and saw grown men, women, children crying over her scenario," said Lucas. "Because wants to fight for everybody."

Jan started a GoFundMe page to support her travels to speaking locations. A link to that page can be found by clicking here.