KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — It's the home organizing trend sweeping the globe and East Tennessee.

Japan native Marie Kondo is changing lives with her innovative method for de-cluttering homes, which is now featured in a Netflix series.

Diving into your messy home can make it tough to come up for air.

But Marie Kondo has helped Ramsey breath a little easier.

"It really does spark you to make a move and get things tidy and organized," Knoxville mom Jessica Ramsey.

Ramsey gets her three-and-half-year-old daughter Austin involved as well.

She's packed seven bags of clothes and toys to give away, with many more to come.

A KARM spokesperson says it's seen a 56% increase in donations since the Netflix show debuted earlier this month.

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"Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" is becoming more and more popular.

It follows the professional organizer and author as she helps normal people clean up their homes--and clean out their minds.

Taryn McLean is the co-founder of Knoxville professional organizing company Help You Dwell.

"We've learned that listening to someone in their home," McLean said. "Where their frustrating spots are, where things just aren't working, where they feel overwhelmed. And then being able to be a guide to them to figure out how to bring order to that part of their home."

She says it can repair relationships and ease tension.

"Really help create a new rhythm in their home so that they can maintain and enjoy their space for what they intended it to be enjoyed for," McLean said.

That's something Ramsey is embracing.

"It does feel good to let these things have new life somewhere else because it's time for them to move on from our house," Ramsey said.

McLean says Help You Dwell is hosting an organization workshop soon where you can learn some good tips to keep tidy.