ID=11443597Rocky Top, Tennessee is no longer just a place we sing about.

Lake City city council members voted unanimously to change its name to Rocky Top at a meeting Thursday night.

The vote came just a few minutes after Federal Judge Thomas Varlan ruled the court would not interfere in the process.

The House of Bryant, who owns the rights to the song, asked to judge to stop the vote until the appeals court ruled. The company argues it could damage the brand the family created.

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Judge Varlan denied an injunction against the name change in May. The House of Bryant appealed his decision earlier this week.

The bluegrass standard, Rocky Top, was written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant in 1967. Their sons, Dane and Del Bryant, own the trademark for Rocky Top through the House of Bryant.

Judge Varlan said he doesn't think the appeal will be granted and didn't want to put a hold on the process.

The city says they have already purchased signs and have new logos ready to go. They debuted one of them at their meeting.

A development board made up of a group of businessmen in the area said investors have promised to bring in a tourist development if the name was changed.