The Hale Springs Inn was built in 1824 by John McKinney.

It was originally geared toward people running for political office.

At the time, it was known as "McKinney's Tavern".

Years later, the second owner of the Inn was a man named George Murray.

He renamed it the "Hale Springs House" in the 1860s.

"We have people that are interested in history because there is a lot of history in this area," said Inn Operations Manager, Patricia Wilkosz.

There are now 9 large rooms, common areas and a restaurant on the first floor.

Until 1998, the Hale Springs Inn was considered the longest continuously-running Inn in the state of Tennessee.

That's when the last private owners closed it.

The Rogersville Heritage Association purchased it for re-open in 2001.

The Inn officially re-opened to the public in June of 2009 after a major renovation.

You can learn more about the Hale Springs Inn here.