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'I always say Alcoa raised me' | Randall Cobb moves closer to home for 12th NFL season

In June, Cobb was inducted into Kentucky’s Pro Football Hall of Fame.

ALCOA, Tenn. — Alcoa native, Randall Cobb, is returning to the Green Bay Packers for his 12th NFL season, but his home is in the Volunteer State.

Recently, his young family moved to Nashville and planted permanent roots.

Randall Cobb, his wife, Aiyda, and two sons, Caspian and Cade, moved to Nashville a month ago.

“I looked up the days and it's been just over 5,000 days since I left for Kentucky," Cobb said. It’s the closest I’ve lived in a long time and great to be back in the home state.”

He’s preparing for his 12th season back with the Green Bay Packers in the frozen tundra where he started his pro football career.

“I just have so many memories up there and hoping to create more this season," Cobb said.

Cobb is thrilled his children will be closer to where he grew up.

“Alcoa means everything to me," Cobb said. I spent the first 17 years of my life there and it really shaped me and made me the person I am.”

He’s enjoying sharing his love of sports with his young sons.

“Caspian loves t-ball right now and soccer," Cobb said. And, I don't want to push him towards football, but I'm not going to push him away from it either.”

Being closer to home, Cobb wants to create programs in Alcoa to reach high school athletes.

“Football is a way of making means and being able to create opportunities for yourself, but there's so many different avenues that you can take and still become successful and chase your dreams," Cobb said.

As he thinks about life off the field, Cobb plans to get his MBA and possibly experience the executive side of football.

“I've always had aspirations of being in business and staying around sports in some capacity and look forward to recreating myself when that time comes and chasing another passion," Cobb said.

In June, Cobb was inducted into Kentucky’s Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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