It's the kind of miracle story you don't hear often.

Last October, a truck carrying about 30 horses was involved in a crash on Interstate 40 in Knoxville. Several horses were killed or injured in the crash. 

The surviving horses were taken in by an animal rescue group called Omega Horse Rescue in York County, Pennsylvania. According to Omega Horse Rescue, the horses were being transported to a slaughterhouse when the crash happened. 

One of the rescued horses has now come back to live in East Tennessee.

Amy Neary, a 911 dispatcher with Knox County also works as an emergency hauler for UT's vet school. She was called to help the night of the crash. 

"I saw something I hope to never see again, it was traumatic," Neary said. 

She immediately started caring for a horse she later named Hope. 

"I kept telling her there is hope, there's hope, she'll be okay, and she just kept looking at me so I decided her name was Hope," Neary added.

To Neary's surprise, Hope gave birth to a foal last week. Neary didn't realize Hope was pregnant when she brought her home. She's decided to name the foal Freedom. 

Neary posted this update to Facebook Thursday morning: "For those that remember the semi wreck with horses Oct 24 2016... here is Hopes foal... meet "Freedom" Freddy made his appearance 4/12/17. I adopted her after caring for her on the interstate that night."

"I wasn't looking for another horse, but that night I knew I had to take care of her and like horses, and my stray cats, they all have a home here," Neary said. 

freedom rescued_1492201047950.jpg
<p>Freedom the horse. Photo courtesy Amy Neary.</p>