1 Ea. Duck Breast
1 Ea. Pork “Duroc” Steak
1 C- Demi-Glace
¼ C- cherry Juice
2 Tbl- Blood Orange Puree
2 oz Honey
¼ C Cabernet Reduction
¼ C Sun Dried Cherries
1 Tbl Whole Butter
20z Olive Oil.,

Score the Duck breast, Season and sear skin side down. Cook until internal of 135. Season and Sear the Pork in 2 oz. Olive Oil. Glaze Cuck with Blood Orange Puree & 1 oz. honey. Glaze Pork with Honey and cook @ 375 until internal of 155. Reduce Cherry juice by 50% and add Demi-Glace. Add Cabernet Reduction and Cook on low heat for 15m. Season and Monte Au Burre Sauce. (Finish with Butter)