Biscuit lovers, brace yourself. The International Biscuit Festival will NOT be coming to Knoxville in 2018.

The beloved biscuit and banjo bazaar didn't give any specific reasons other than 'to rest,' but posted to it's website that it will be taking a biscuit break in 2018 after eight straight years of biscuit goodness.

The good news is that this is only temporary, it seems. The post ended with "Hope to see you back next year!"

If you've never been to the festival in years past, as you'd expect -- it's all about the biscuits. Vendors line up in downtown Knoxville along Market Street (known as "Biscuit Boulevard") to serve gourmet biscuit offerings while lively banjo and acoustic guitars twang in the background to the joy of those strolling through biscuit heaven.

There are also usually baking competitions, seminars and talks to learn about the history of biscuits and southern cuisine at large, as well as a fine dining event at Blackberry Farm.

The festival was started in 2009 by a group of biscuit lovers and is typically held in late May or early June and has grown to attract tens of thousands of people. Proceeds typically go to fund the event and to partnering food charities.