A new study claims Knoxville is one of the least livable cities in the country.

According to the report from 24/7 Wall St, Knoxville is number 36 of the 50 least desirable cities to live in.

MORE: Knoxville on list of 'least livable' cities in U.S.

The study measured cities based on eight categories: crime, economy, education, environment, health, housing, leisure and infrastructure.

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Knoxville was ranked poorly in crime and economy. The study claims about one in every four Knoxville residents live in poverty.

It also states the city's violent and property crime numbers are more than twice as high as the national average.

However, city leaders say those numbers may not be the most accurate way to rank cities.

A Knoxville Police spokesperson says not all states use the same system to report crime.

KPD says Tennessee counts every crime as a separate incident but some states only count major crimes making their numbers appear lower.

Even the FBI cautions against comparing crime data from separate states.

A City of Knoxville spokesperson sent us the following response:

"We have learned not to put too much stock in these kinds of national rankings, either high or low, because they can vary so much depending on what factors and data people are looking at. Knoxville is a great place to live. We are a diverse and growing city, with both the opportunities and challenges that come with that. We have a high quality of life, and we are seeing new investment and a lot of economic momentum across the city. "

The Chamber of Commerce said Knoxville's continued growth proves that it has a unique story to tell.

Knoxville has been recognized as a great city on a few other lists. It has been featured on a list of top restaurants in Southern Living, ranked one of the best mountain bike towns with low cost of living, and just last week... a top city Americans are moving to.