DULUTH, Ga. — Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's oldest daughter and one of his top advisers, was in metro Atlanta on Wednesday to tour a UPS training facility with Gov. Brian Kemp and his wife, Marty Kemp.

The group joined UPS CEO David Abney for a tour of the facility where drivers learn service and delivery models and package handling procedures. The UPS Integrad facility helps drivers adapt to high tech computer systems with 3-D simulations and an outside course that mimics a small town.

Trump and the Kemps attended a roundtable discussion about workforce development, an initiative that was the subject of an executive order by President Trump to help skilled workers receive more training for a modern workplace.

"This is something that the Administration is deeply passioned about: ensuring that all Americans have an opportunity to benefit from the booming economy that we are experiencing -- and ensuring that all Americans, regardless of background or regardless of age, have the opportunity to learn a new trade at some point in their life," Trump said during the discussion.

Ivanka Trump - UPS Gwinnett Co. - Duluth GA
Ivanka Trump visits a UPS training facility in Duluth, Ga. for a tour and a roundtable on workplace development on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019.

"We know, though, that the federal government cannot do this alone, or should it. Really, innovation is happening at a private sector level. CEOs of companies, large and small -- they know the skills that employees, current and future, will need. They also know the skills that will become obsolete." 

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The roundtable also briefly touched on the issue of human trafficking. UPS drivers across the nation are trained to recognize signs of human trafficking at truck stops and out on the road.


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