The mayor of Jamestown said the city's hospital is in serious danger of closing.

Mayor Lyndon Baines said Jamestown Regional Medical Center's closure could happen 'any day now,' saying the facility is no longer admitting new patients.

Rennova bought the 85-bed hospital from Tennova back in June 2018 after only two years of ownership. 

Since the purchase, the mayor said vendors and some of the 180 employees there have told him they aren't always being paid.

Rennova also owns the Big South Fork Medical Center in Onieda and recently finished buying the Jellico Community Hospital in March.

Both of those rural hospitals were in danger of closure over the past few years before trading hands to Rennova. 

According to SEC filings, the Florida-based company bought up the three struggling rural hospitals as its business faced serious struggles to stay afloat financially as a toxicology lab.

The company had been operating at a loss, saying it was unsure it could even fund daily operations under their former lab business model. 

The SEC filings said the company failed to meet payments on two capital lease agreements in late 2016 before they were sued for millions. The company had also faced a number of lawsuits at some of its labs in 2016 over unpaid wages and wrongful terminations. 

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