DANDRIDGE, Tenn. — A proposed upgrade to Jefferson County High School's athletic facilities has widespread support--except when it comes to what's in the center of the field. 

Instead of the "snapping patriot," an image of the school's football mascot snapping a football, the plan proposes an interlocking logo of the school's initials on the 50-yard line. 

"We're not the fighting JCs, we're the Patriots," said Darrin Breeden, the head of the school's football booster club, called the "Sideline Club" 

He played on the school's state championship team and lives across the street from the field. 

New changes to Jefferson Co. high school fields
Jefferson County Schools

Breeden likes the upgrades, but is upset the longtime centerpiece of the grass field will be replaced by the school's initials sown in to the new turf. 

The director of schools says the proposed change was his decision. 

"That field is used by multiple sports for official competitions. Football, boys soccer, girls soccer. So to put a sports specific logo on there initially didn't make sense to me," he said. 

The interlocking logo is a common one that represents everyone in Jefferson County, he said. 

But other Jefferson County alums say they're upset about it--and one student has started a petition to avoid the change. 

Johnston says he respects everyone's opinion, but says the big picture upgrades are going to make Jefferson County proud. 

"I think everybody realizes our kids are getting a really good thing. It's going to be there for years to come. And multiple student athletes and student athlete groups are going to benefit from it,"he said.